Monday, 28 July 2014

Respect and Honor Blog Train

BerryApplicious Respect And Honor Blog Train

"On 28 July 1914 The Great War began and ended on 11 Nov 1918. Join us on 28 July as we remember and honor a generation forever lost over three continents. For their service we thank them. For their sacrifice's we honor them. For all our military personnel who are serving and have served,this is our way of saying thankyou for all they did for us .

please remember that the designers are in different timezones and to leave a little love if you download
Here is my part i hope you like it 
Do not upload my files to any other site or download site ,this is a violation of tou's
and will not be tolerated.share the link to my blog instead
thankyou to those who respect my tou it is appreciated

You can download it


Mary Presley said...

Wonderful cause to remember!!! Thank you so much for the posers!!!

Aprilthe Scrapaholic said...

Thank you :)

pamkez said...

Thank you for taking part on the blog train what a great way to honour our heroes :-)

Celtic Bairns said...

your comment is disgraceful and disgusting you dishonoured them more by it

Cuddz said...

Well as a person that comes from a Miiltary son, his father, his fathers brother (marines) my grandfather, my father, my uncles and my nephew (Army) I dont find it at all offensive. Perhaps she should also remember this is not about the US forces but about ALL forces and the men and women that served during that terrible war !! xxx

Carolann said...

Well done Celtic Bairns and thankyou for your thoughfulness and kindness in this our remembrance train.

R said...

Thank you for sharing with us

Theresa said...

Thank you so much

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